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This page was last updated on the 9th July 2021

Please also note we will continually be updating this site as we gain more information

Ben's Instagram Account.

He uses his instagram account to share his lewd fantasies he has had with fictional cartoon charcters, some of these pictures hes drawn is shown in the preview. Its a disturbing mix of innocent pictures of himself and homophobic, racist and japanophile images. Most of the images in the full album are from his old instagram account which was either deleted or more likely banned and deleted by instagram.

Full Album

Here is a link to the all 540 images and videos dumped from one of Ben's Instagram accounts.

Screenshots from now deactivated intagram account

Ben probably didnt take this picture, however he is still atleast reposting it

One of Ben's drawing of his fantasies

Ben admitting to enjoy lolicon. See Pedophillic Behaviour for explanation

Instagram DM's

My chat history with Ben on Instagram