Ben "G Gansgsta" M

This site is dedicated to documenting the online activites on Ben,
We expose his behaviour on Instagram, Discord as well as his pedophillia. We hope to expand and add more pages in the future.
Ben is a threat to himself and society.

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This page was last updated on the 15th July 2021

Please also note we will continually be updating this site as we gain more information


Known Aliases

Ben regularly changes his usernames on platforms, however these are his main aliases

The Purpose of this Site

The intention of this site is not to cancel Ben, we do not believe in cancel culture. Hopefully by publicly revealing the actions and posts on the internet he will have to reflect on his actions. Unfortunately, most sad likely outcome is that Ben does not change, he is 20 years old and that age once you have such views it is very hard to change them. While people change their opinions and views over time when you are an adult you become a lot less influenceable and as sad as it is to say he may already be a lost cause unless he gets the help he needs.
This is also not a threat to his parents, from what we have seen they are genuinely nice people and unaware of Bens actions, we have tried to contact them multiple times however have been unable to get a response.

The intention of this site is not to harm Bens chances of employment or future opportunities, or even to prevent him a better quality of life, We don't believe in "Cancel Culture" and the last thing we want is for Ben to harm himself or other people. However, his actions have been extremely inappropriate and has targeted a huge amount of people on the internet for a wide variety of reasons, and some of these people aren't even adults. We have tried everything within our power to stop this from happening, from contacting his parents and having voice chats with Ben, some lasting over an hour. Despite all this, he has still been sending lewd messages in DMs to minors and sends threats of self harm if he doesn't get contacted by anyone. We know Bens information and are currently withstanding contacting his local police however are strongly considering it, because this has been a problem for several years, Ben has pissed of enough people that others have already reported him; they have also done things that weren't helpful, and we do not condone any of that or want it promoted.

Why we keep this site up


Ben joined the donut team community (A community of modders, speedrunners and fans of the Simpsons Hit and Run) and asked people to help him make a mod for the game. He succesfuly assembled a group of people who where intially keen to help him. However once people saw his instagram and his profiles and his radical views they dropped out. Ben felt like they lied and they should make hima mod that he feels he deserved. Some was still willing to send him at least some assets out of pity however after he continued to have a childish tantrum and send rape threats, death threats, racial slurs, homophobic slurs and more to people who finally came to the conclusion he deserves nothing.