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This page was last updated on the 9th July 2021

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Ben Friendships

Ben has expressed numerous times his failure to make and maintain friendships and relationships. He has told many stories about how he has tried to form friendships and relationships however sadly could never uphold them due to his lack of social skills and uncommon interests. Its incredibly sad to hear these stories and how he has felt so lonely he has cried himself to sleep. We see ben is now incredibly desperate to make friends online however due to his lack of social skills he is often left disappointed

This dump and the other attached screenshots on this page are also proof that these are from Bens accounts and not an imposter since only Ben would be able to take these images and only Ben would be able to tell us some of this information.

Ben attempting to get a girlfriend


Its incredibly depressing seeing ben fail to learn from his mistakes and his lack of social skills hinders his ability to form friendships
This is literally bens 2nd message he has sent this girl in her DM's

Here again he see bens lack of social queues to recognise that this girl is clearly not interested in either being his friend or girlfriend however he continues to desperately beg for her to reply

Here Ben asks for advice on how to get a girl to notice him, for whatever reason he fails to recongise that the girl does ntoice him however isnt interseted

In the next few screenshots, Ben describes how he struggles to make friends and gives some insight to his radical views